Welcome to my web site. It started out as a repository of my recent mapping experiences and comments on the evolution of my map making for orienteering. However, two important aspects of this craft are constantly evolving - standards and technology - so it's difficult not to get caught up in the discussions and reactions to these changes. 

It's now May 2012 and I am slowly adding new information to the site. I really want to build a web site that includes all the fun I have as well as all the information I have gathered about making orienteering maps. These include; the guidelines I use for estimating development costs, the "best practices" that I have discovered and use, how I set up and manage a mapping contract, and links to other sites with valuable and interesting information about developing O-maps. Most of the inquiries that I receive are about getting started with map making so that's been my priority. Check the new links to the Workshops and Producing New Maps.

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Mapping Adventures and Lessons Learned - 2011

2009 and 2010 were very busy with the Canadian Championships here in Ottawa in August of 2010. This has not been a particularly busy year but there has been a nice variety of projects. Here are three of my favorites - for their diversity. 

Baxter Centre Conservation Area (Ottawa) - an ISOM/ISSOM hybrid.

I completed most of the new fieldwork for this old area in 2010 but it was only used this summer. 

Camp Arowhon (Northern Ontario) - ISSOM (with special symbols)

This popular youth camp in Algonquin Park was lots of work in a condensed period but also lots of fun.

Lake Louisa State Park (Florida) - ISOM (with special symbols)

Lots of new experiences while helping to map this big (24 sq. Km) park near Orlando in unfamiliar terrain.

End of Year bonus - Nakkertok racing trails (Gatineau, QC) - ISOM (somewhat)

I have just built the racing trail maps for the 2012 Eastern Canadian XC Ski Championships from the orienteering map base.